Welcome To Inverleith Rugby Club

Inverleith Rugby Club is based in the North of Edinburgh on Arboretum Road.

We have long been known for our friendly, welcoming nature. We have a multi-cultural team with players from all walks of life, all experience levels, and we pride ourselves on our inclusivity.

We operate a mens XV who compete in East League 3.

We are a registered charity No CH 11709.

Social Media and Staying in Touch

Give us a following on our social media channels to keep up to date with what is going on around the club. Feel free to message us on these formats if you have any questions!

Facebook – Inverleith RFC

Instagram – Inverleithrugby

Email – [email protected]

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Results & Fixtures

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Club Shop

The club shop is now online and available through rugbygear.co.uk. It’s pretty simple: head over to their site, select what you want, pay them and then it’s all delivered to your door. If you would like initials on anything just ask in the comments box for your order.




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